• July 8, 2015

    Valmont Galerie Gastronomique

    Valmont Galerie Gastronomique in Quartier Dix30, redefines the specialty grocery store product offering and customer service paradigm.The concept is set in a crisp black and white upscale environment reflecting an aspirational lifestyle. ''Food is Fashion'' was a guiding principle in the design approach where food is presented within a visually uncluttered and refined setting. The textures, colours and beauty of the food are the centre of attraction.

    Valmont offers a highly personalized service model with a focus on gastronomy and localization. Special features such as a discovery zone where resident chefs prepare dishes to sample, a slice & dice section where food artisans prepare the fruits and vegetables to individual tastes and a concierge station to assist customers in recommendations reinforce the notion of personalized service.

    Valmont formed collaborations with several best-in-class local food purveyors to offer superior quality products. As the shop-in-shop concept, the store is divided into distinctive departments to facilitate the navigation of the space and guide the customer on a journey of discovery through the gallery of its products.

    The concept includes an eat-in section where customers can eat ready-made meals prepared by Chef Ian Perreault, enjoy a cup of coffee of tea or one of the imported wines and microbrewery beers, all curated by Chef Ian Perreault himself.