• October 21, 2014

    Sleep Country

    A new design concept meant to appeal to home décor customers in malls was created for Sleep Country corresponding to the company's expansion plans into shopping centre locations. The new prototype store, located at the end of secondary corridor projects beyond the lease line to draw the customer's attention from a distance. As the customer approaches the store, they see a display cube protruding into the aisle showcasing all of Sleep Country's offerings in a bedroom display. Inside, a ''shop-in-shop'' concept highlights the additional offerings of Sleep Country.  This separate space has more of a boutique style design that differentiates it from the vast space beyond that houses the mattresses. As the customer moves towards the back of the store where the mattress are located, the lighting level becomes reduced and the colour palette darkens slightly to better simulate bedroom sleeping conditions. As the customer samples mattresses, playful messages are incorporated into cloud-shaped lights overhead. In playing with the idea of sleep and dreams, a playful sense of humour was introduced.