• 11 décembre, 2012

    CORE Wins Top Prize at the International Property Awards

    Winning entrants in the International Property Awards were invited to attend a high profile gala at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London on Friday, December 7th where the official winners were announced. 

    The CORE, located in Calgary, Alberta was the Americas Property Awards winner for Canada in Commercial Renovation /Redevelopment Category. The Americas division is one of several global regions recognized in the competition. Attaining one of these coveted awards is indisputable evidence that the team of 20 Vic Management, MMC International Architects and GH+A won against exceedingly strong contenders within the competitive Americas' property arena. 

    The highest scoring winners from the Americas Property Awards, covering Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, Central / South America were then re-judged and competed against the other highest scoring winners from Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and Arabia and the UK to select the ultimate World's Best in each category. Following this re-assessment, MMC International Architects and GH+A were the 2012 International winners for the CORE under the visionary leadership of the property developer, 20 Vic Management Inc. of Toronto, Canada.

    About the CORE:
    Located in the heart of Calgary's central business district, the CORE is a prime example of an ambitious urban renewal project with the goal of uniting three disjointed properties into a single multi-use urban complex with best-in-class fashion retailers. It amalgamates three buildings into one branded retail destination with a cohesive identity.

    The developer, 20 VIC Management Inc., solicited the retail design expertise of MMC International Architects from Toronto, and GH+A retail designers from Montreal to realize and implement their urban project vision. A seamless link was created between the urban exterior and the high street interior of the complex. Under a canopy of structural glass, the largest of its kind in North America, visitors relish in a vibrant streetscape experience awash in natural light. The expansive glass roof emulates an outdoor plaza or promenade, distinguishing itself with high street retail energy. The four-level retail centre features 2.5 acres of indoor public botanical gardens, known as Devonian Gardens, and an expanded food court with undulating ''green living'' walls connecting the food court to the gardens.

    About MMC: 
    MMC International Architects were established in 1945 as an architectural and planning consultancy in Toronto, Canada. Over the years, MMC has become one of the leading architectural, urban and interior design companies with a number of award winning projects in North America and Asia. With an ever-growing portfolio, in 1991, a design studio was established in Bangkok, Thailand. With a strong belief in a collaborative approach, MMC's teams of Architects and Interior Designers combine forces to produce high impact projects internationally. www.mmcarchitects.ca

    About GH+A: 
    Founded in 1985, GH+A's visionary approach to retail design focuses on creating dynamic environments including specialty store design, shopping centre refurbishments, mixed-use retail programming and strategic brand positioning. Ever-mindful of the consumer's perspective and the retailer's performance as the main drivers in the success of a project, GH+A is a powerful and versatile force in the retail design and branding universe. With offices located in Montreal, Quebec and Detroit, Michigan, they design for an international market. www.ghadesign.com